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Re: pokemon b/w demake on g/s map connection help

Munchulax wrote:

It wouldn't be that hard for you to just do this yourself either.  All the info needed to do what you want is very easily accessible on this site.

You could use Melash's Tileset Editor to change collision data and edit the 2nd Kanto tileset.
You could use AGIXP to extract Kanto's tileset and insert it in Johto's spot (re-pointing obviously)
And you could refer to this post for erasing the grass animation:

Thanks! and to kkj1116 too! I didn't realise it was that easy. everything is fixed and looking good. I'm looking forward to finishing inserting sprites and editing pokemon data, and get started on making some maps!

Also. I will need the pokedex order to be changed. is it as easy as using gold figure, going to bulbasuars offset, and then just going through all the pokemon and changing their number?


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Re: pokemon b/w demake on g/s map connection help

Bank 10 40000
40C1C- How many Pokemon are in the Old Pokedex Order? 
40BFC- How many Pokemon are in the New Pokedex? 
40BF7- Pointer to New Pokedex Order 
40C1C - Ammount 
40C65-40D5F ABC Pokedex Order 
40D60-40E5B New Pokedex Order
40F81 - How many choices to choose from (kinda) 40F8F - 40F9E - For Type 2 
40FFE-41085 Types (POKEDEX) 
4109A- Pointer to Searchable Types 
410F6-41107 Types they actually search for in pokedex 
416B6-41A25 Slowpoke Reading Graphics 
41AFE-421DB Moves Data 
42790- Pointer to Pointer table to Pokemon Moves/Evol data 
427BD-429B2 Pointers to Pokemon Moves/Evolution Data 
429B3-43E56 Pokemon Moves/Evolution Data 
43E57-43FFF Blank Data

Picked up from the ROM Map (linked to Global FAQ and Research thread)

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