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Shiny PKMN in a trade?

What do I have do edit in a trading script to make the Pokemon I recieve shiny. I know I've seen a shiny in a trade in a hack before. I just cant remebmer where. Anyway, thanks. :)


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Re: Shiny PKMN in a trade?

I did it in Pokémon Christmas, the Pikachu you get in Violet City is always shiny. The documentation for editing everything about trades (including shiny status) is here:

Tauwasser's Scripting Compendium wrote:


The data for the trade Pokémon start at 3F:4C24. Every data structure looks like this:

[Dialog no.][Give Pokémon][Trade Pokémon][0x0A for PKMNNAME][2xDV][Item][2xID][0x0A for TRAINERNAME][Sex][00]

Dialog no.:

00 = „I collect Pokémon. Do you have a GP? Do you want to trade it for my TP?“
01 = „Hi, I’m looking for a Pokémon. If you have a GP would you trade it for my TP?“
02 = „@CF48 is cute, but I don’t have one. Do you have a GP? Do you want to trade it for my TP?“

Give Pokémon:
Pokémon number of Pokémon that needs to be given.

Trade Pokémon:
Pokémon number of Pokémon that is traded for.

10 figures for a nickname + 0x50

2 bytes for the DV of the PKMN:

4 Bit each for attack, defense, initiative, special
Male/Female if attack > resp. < than 7.

Shiny status of:
-          Attack = 2,3,6,7,A,B, E or F
-          Initiative and special are A
-          Defense is redundant

Thanks to Pika. He made these things public domain on his website.

Number of item carried by the Pokémon.

2 bytes for the new Poké ID.

10 bytes for the trainer name + 0x50.

00 = random
01 = male
02 = female

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