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Pokemon : war for the civilization . Anyone wants it

Hello friends,

I am just playing dragon warrior 2 on my mobile and think about this story . Wanna hear it.

Its the time of medival era of human being. A time when we cannot catch the pokemon with pokeballs because pokeballs doesn't exist. Humans are at war again pokemon . A war which  decide the faith of human beings . Human's king nector decides to have final attack on pokemon's tribe. You are a prince of kingdom aldera and you are against of this war, but your father won't allow you to tell anything about this war. One day you ran away from castle to know if all pokemon want's to have war continue. You found a professor who research about pokemon . He works with a Railu. He thought you that pokemon can be caught by a thing named aprikorn. He tells that many pokemon don't like this war. But due to three legendary pokemon named raikou, entei, suicune they have to fight against humans. You need to defeat these 3 pokemon and their army to stop this bloody war .  Raikou who can say like humans offered his help to save the world. And this way you took your starter and begin your journey.

*only 151 pokemon of generationI .
*choose railou your starter
*no pokedex ,no pokeballs, no pokemon centres in this hack. Instead of it aprikorns , hotels available.
Though i don't know hacking . I am about to join the police academy in next few days. So i request here if anyone like the story. He or she welcome for it.

Ready for saving the world


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