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Anyone here ever play Pokemon using the "Nuzlocke Challenge"?

Basically it is a set of rules that you play under while playing the game. There are two main rules that you must follow at all times. They are:

1.) If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead and can not be used for the rest of the game. Most players release them or place them in a box.
2.) You may only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in a new area. A new area is a Route, Cave, City, etc.... If you fail to catch your first encounter then too bad.

There are other optional rules that you can add to increase the difficulty such as no using healing items, or no using PokeCenters. Some try to document their play-throughs by writing stories or draw comics. Others will take screen shots and upload them to a forum for others to read.

It really does add a whole new element to the game. It becomes much more challenging trying to work with Pokemon you normally wouldn't use. You also learn that some Pokemon you'd never think of using can be quite useful. It provides a fresh ad exciting way to play older Pokemon games and even hacks.

So if you do play Nuzlocke Challenges why don't you share some of your stories here? It would be cool to see if anyone else does this besides me.

As for me I just finished a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Crystal. It was a pretty epic tale and only four of my Pokemon fainted in the entire playthrough, which is a new record.

RIP Zubat, Abra, Pidegotto, and Hypno. :(

The champions were Meganium, Golem, Arcanine, Suicune, and Jolteon. Fun stuff!

Share your thoughts and comments please!

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Re: Nuzlockes

I get the feeling this is a good place to link to this thread:
Yet I made that simple hack, I haven't really played under nuzlocke rules before. I'd rather try to finish, even once, some original games (like Emerald or any one of 4th or 5th gen) without such rules first.


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