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Does anyone know what controls which Pokemon are asleep?

As you know, in Gold, Silver, and Crystal, certain Pokemon are asleep at certain times of day, like Hoothoot will be asleep if you Headbutt one out of a tree during the day, and Spearow will be asleep if you headbutt one out at night. Even some odd ones like Pidgey being asleep at night, despite not being encounter-able at night and Noctowl, despite not being encounter-able during the day. This becomes a problem for hacks, I tried searching for a table in the rom that contains these few Pokemon, but I can't find anything. Does anyone know where this information might be? That, or if anyone has tried looking for it?

I want to know, because in my hack, I'm replacing Pokemon and I don't want the Pokemon that take up those slots to be only encounter-able at certain times. I figured here would be the place to ask, since Pokecommunity tends to lean more towards GBA hacking.


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Re: Does anyone know what controls which Pokemon are asleep?

Set a breakpoint on the opponent id ($d0ed) or opponent sleep counter ($d0fd) and get into any wild battle (the routine is skipped in trainer battles). The former will bring you to the top of the routine, the latter to the bottom:


ROMF:689B FA ED D0         ld   a,(D0ED) ; opponent id
ROMF:689E FE A3            cp   a,A3     ; hoothoot
ROMF:68A0 28 0E            jr   z,68B0
ROMF:68A2 FE A4            cp   a,A4     ; noctowl
ROMF:68A4 28 0A            jr   z,68B0
ROMF:68A6 FE 10            cp   a,10     ; pidgey
ROMF:68A8 28 0F            jr   z,68B9
ROMF:68AA FE 15            cp   a,15     ; spearow
ROMF:68AC 28 0B            jr   z,68B9
ROMF:68AE 18 16            jr   68C6
ROMF:68B0 FA 57 D1         ld   a,(D157) ; is it night?
ROMF:68B3 FE 02            cp   a,02
ROMF:68B5 20 0B            jr   nz,68C2
ROMF:68B7 18 0D            jr   68C6
ROMF:68B9 FA 57 D1         ld   a,(D157) ; is it day?
ROMF:68BC FE 02            cp   a,02
ROMF:68BE 28 02            jr   z,68C2
ROMF:68C0 18 04            jr   68C6
ROMF:68C2 3E 07            ld   a,07     ; counter only uses bottom 3 bits
ROMF:68C4 18 01            jr   68C7
ROMF:68C6 AF               xor  a
ROMF:68C7 21 FD D0         ld   hl,D0FD  ; sleep counter
ROMF:68CA 22               ldi  (hl),a

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Re: Does anyone know what controls which Pokemon are asleep?

Thank you for your help!


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Re: Does anyone know what controls which Pokemon are asleep?

It's not much but a simple "correction" to this.
Between 68B9 and 68BE is actually checked whether it's not night (which you knew but explained "wrong" because it could be morning as well).
No matter, everyone who uses this should be able to figure that on his/her own.

Thanks for the asm by the way. I haven't checked this out myself and feel like my own hack would require something to be done about it.


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