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GSC editing events per day

Do you know how to edit this? I mean is there a tutorial on where to find those events that happen on monday, tuesday, etc etc. Well anyway, what i want to edit is the day when the rival shows up on indigo league.

And one more thing, do you know how to edit how fast does the daycare man show up and give you the pokemon egg??

Thanks in advance to those who will help! :)


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Re: GSC editing events per day

Scripting code:
1C 0B (Check what day it is and write the [day] in D173 in ram)

00 = Mo
01 = Tu
02 = We
03 = Th
04 = Fr
05 = Sa
06 = Su

There are trigger events in Indigo Plateau hall where the game checks what day it is and if it equals to 02 or 05 (if rival really can be encountered on Wednesday and Saturday, I'm not really sure), a certain script is gone through when he battles you.

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