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Iron Nidow
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Pokemon Red/Blue trainer editing

By Iron Nidow

this is an old list of the offset starts the pokemon trainers, I made for Pokemon Red/blue, not know if all are correct, but if something are incorrect, tell me please : )

NOTE: this list is not complete
NOTE²: 39FC2 are the missingno status pointers

39D90 youngster
39DCD bug catcher
39E0B lass
39E57 sailor
39E77 Jr. trainer ( M )
39E9C Jr. trainer ( F )
39F0A pokemaniac
39F21 super nerd
39F5D hiker
39F9B biker
(misingno here)
39FE3 burglar
3A006 engineer
3A012 fisher man
3A048 swimmer
3A08C cue ball
3A0B2 gambler
3A0D0 beauty
3A114 psychic
3A126 rocker
3A12F juggler
3A150 tamer
3A16A bird keeper
3A1BD black belt
3A1E3 rival 1
3A21C Prof. Oak


1st byte: level of all pokemons
2nd to 7th byte: one byte for each pokemon of trainer owns
last byte: 00(ends)

FF(indicates special trainers ahead!)
1st byte:level of first pokemon
2nd byte: first pokemon

3rd byte: level of second pokemon
4th byte: second pokemon

if trainer have more pokemons, continue in the same condition (level-pokemon)
last byte: 00 (ends)

the next byte: level of next trainer...

this document continues...


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Re: Pokemon Red/Blue trainer editing

Thanks. This table has proven useful in my hack.
39D90 looks like the middle of the wild Pokémon data for the Unknown Dungeon, though. The Youngster data seems to start at 39D99. Still great though, as errors like that are easy to spot, and there's no table like this anywhere else.

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Re: Pokemon Red/Blue trainer editing

See also this link, under “TrainerDataPointers.” No offsets, but all the data and most of the code are there.

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