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Yellow Editing Troubles

So I've downloaded tools that are compatible with Yellow but I can't seem to get any of them to work with Yellow. For example if I use the RBY Wild Pokemon Editor and do changes to Route 1 pokemon to say have wild Krabby and then I save it. A message pops up saying warning you have a chance of corrupting data and the like. I select yes and play through to see if changes are made and all I get is the original pokemon on the route.

The list goes on with other Yellow editors such as the Oak Intro editor which again says it's compatible with Yellow but when I edit to make he Pikachu a Clefairy what happens is the title screen glitches slightly and after when it gets to the part where Pikachu shows up, it skips over to the player in their room with the name Ninten and the rival being Sony. I'm guessing this means I'll have to rely soley on editing with a hex editor? Any suggestions on getting the programs to work?

Edit: Found the source of RBY Wild Editor problem, forgot to check read-only off on fresh rom. But the Oak Intro still cause a problem.

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