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Repointing the music in Pokemon R/B

I'm currently making a small hack, not sure if I am going to release it yet, but it is basically a devamp of Diamond/Pearl. All I have done right now, is all the trainer sprites for turning red into lucas (except the fishing ones) and the trainer battle theme. This all fit into the game (trainer front and back sprite was one byte over, but the last byte being left out didn't have any undesirable effects.) I just finished making the Wild battle song (i've been making them in Chipsune, with some converters i've made, and the help of the ASM to RBY converter. I may release a pack to convert midi to Chipsune (Which can replicate the battle themes perfectly) then a chipsune to RBY or something). Anyways, I went to insert the Wild battle song, only to find that it was too large, and I was wondering, if there was a way that I can repoint the wild battle song to load from a different bank. I know that GSC had pointers to the channel pointers, but I couldn't find anything in a HEX editor that pointed to the channel pointers of R/B. Any help is appreciated, and credit will be given if I eventually release this! :)

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